Tim Barker

Appropriate Technology 3 day course

We will get down and dirty with a number of appropriate technology projects (my other passion). Expect to come away knowing how to build rocket stoves, biochar burners, solar dryers, solar ovens and ram pumps, to name just a few.

Anyone interested please let me know and we will organise dates.

TIM  has a myriad of practical and dynamic attributes to bring to the table but in a nutshell: He is a qualified diesel fitter who has been learning and experimenting with permaculture for over 30 years. He has taught on such diverse subjects as small animal systems, appropriate technology and permaculture design at both the Koanga Institute and The Living In Peace project in New Zealand and the PRI (Permaculture Research Institute) in Australia where he was farm manager for over two years. He is also a Holistic Management practitioner integrating this into his permaculture teaching.

Over the years he has worked in the environmental adventure tourism businesses, contracted for the Environmental Protection Agency on large projects and been environmental contracts manager for a large contracting company all the while continuing to create his own projects from hovercraft to a home aquaponics system; rocket stoves ovens; hot water systems; ram pumps; solar ovens; dryers; cargo bikes and pedal powered washing machines.