“What can we say…… a beautiful place for the perfect wedding! The weekend far and way exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank you for opening your home to us and allowing us the grace to rearrange your life and your things.”


“Your little sanctuary has been a wonderful haven for me while I’ve been studying. If I needed a season to create a beautiful space of my own, you’ve certainly given it to me. Thank you for your friendship and inspiration”


“Lying in the hammock, listening to the wildlife, a cuppa tea, decent sleep, fresh orange juice and farm eggs (from happy hens) provides us with good energy to continue our travel.”


“I’m so glad I followed my instincts here, to this wonderful place of tranquillity. I’ll be back for longer next time”


Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful house and property with us. We have enjoyed many visits to ‘heaven’ and to the waterfall and loved the cherry tomato and fruit hunts in the garden. You have created a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, a home away from home, with lots of bits and pieces to captivate the kids (and young at heart)”


“A place of reflection, change and beauty”


“ You have been a highlight on our OZ tour, without a doubt. From the big smiley face when we arrived through to delicious breakfast collected straight from the hen pen. Not to mention the fab room and surroundings.”


“ A place to stay that has an inspiring feel to it.”


“Thank you so much for the warm welcome and having us around. You’re such a wonderful lady and have really made me look at life a different way. Hope I can come back soon as it’s like another home to come to”.


“Just the perfect time, just the perfect place. Thank you once again Amanda for the experience that is forever”.


“ My short stay was only a taste and what I have experienced has inspired me to come back for more. My favourites of course, ‘heaven’ and the outdoor shower”


“Another lovely weekend in paradise.”


“Such a gentle and warm, colourful energy you’ve cultivated in this beautiful place. Thanks for making us feel very welcome.”


“The memories will stay with us forever.”


“Serendipity brought us to Eternity. You have made such a beautiful heaven here, letting stone and wood, room and garden, plant and water……. Thank you for your laughter and music, your labour and companionship. I will miss this sweet place.”


“Thank you for choosing to make this something you put into the world”


“Your place is beautiful, your hospitality considered, warm and open (which is so rare) and it has been an utter pleasure meeting you and staying here with friends and family”



“Serenity in ‘Eternity’ – just what we were looking for! So wonderful to experience such a total change to our normally hectic life.”


“We hung out in heaven, had a magical stumble to the waterfall, stayed up gossiping, munched on guava and pear stewed fruit with porridge and enjoyed the dewy spiders webs.”


“What a brilliant and beautiful and tranquil haven apart from the crazy world out there!”


“The ambience of this place has re-charged and nurtured our spirits. Thank you for the sanctuary”


“This wonderful haven will be in our hearts forever more. So much richer we are for being here. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”



“What a beautiful place this is. The peacefulness is refreshing and invigorating. As I leave, I have a deep sense of serenity”


“What an amazing world of art and glorious part of the wilderness you inhabit. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Although short, we have all felt a calmness over us that only a good dose of nature can provide”.