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November 2012

Hi and welcome……… to anyone with the slightest interest!

Finally I am psyching myself up to keep a regular blog to keep you in touch with seasons and events at ES. For those who might have clicked on this page before, I apologies for ignoring this page for so long. My excuse……. a busy life and technophobia!

The good news is that I am finally in my new house, which means that the main house is free of my clutter and I am able to offer you full kitchen facilities and living space, TV etc, for an extra $10 per head per night (to cover extra cleaning costs, gas etc)

There are now 2 new sofa beds and a single bed in the house space for family groups or retreat participants. This will total the number of beds to accommodate 23 (or 15 beds for singles). Hopefully this will enable more people to make use of this wonderful space for whatever purpose they wish.

Now the Inner Space (the bottom of the pentagon tower) is available as an alternative venue for meditation or group work. This is an BEAUTIFUL open space (approx 6mtsx6mts) and because of its unusual 5 sided nature it  feels very different from a regular sided room. I believe that it is a space that allows us to ‘think outside of the square’ to find solutions in our own Inner Space (consciousness). I use it as my library and music room and visitors are welcome to peruse the shelves for inspiration and alternative methods and ideology during your stay

The recently named Inner Space has already been a Dojo for a Zen Buddhist retreat, a teaching space for permaculture courses, and is currently used for a creative moves day by Amber a HeartPower wellbeing coach. (see information on the ‘workshops’ page retreats). As well as regular music nights.

Over the winter I worked tirelessly to clear up the studio space (now named the Outer Space) after years of making art with people with disabilities it wasn’t before time! The result is a beautiful 7.5mt x 7.5 mt half open space. For Nicole and Chico Monks’s recent wedding they hired 2x 6×6 peaked tents that fitted beautifully next to it and managed to seat over 200 people for the wedding feast. See pics in the Gallery.

Unfortunately the existing pizza oven in that space was water damaged after years of rain and had to be demolished. The cob mix has been saved and will be reconstructed as soon as possible! Watch this space for updates on its progress because pizza is a fun way to feed a crowd for a small event. We used the old one for many a gathering of up to 30 permaculture students from the nearby Permaculture Research Institute (Zatuna Farm), we will now be able to build the oven with the mouth on the inside of the space so the people firing aren’t isolated from the party as before!

September 2012 was a very busy month with weekends booked out for a wake, a wedding and an 80th birthday. For each event the space worked beautifully for each group to bring their special touch to their event. My aim is to promote the whole place as a venue for group activities now we have 3 venues to use. (‘inner space’, ‘outer space’ and of course ‘heaven’). The problem being to target specific uses since each space can be adapted to suit individual group needs! So please pass on the website to anyone you know who organises their own retreat in whatever modality. The venues are FREE if you can book all the beds for 2 nights or more!

We finally got a couple of good down pours over the last weekend. After nearly 6 months of virtually no rain, the ground was cracking up and even well established plants were showing signs of stress. So now the fruit will be able to ripen on the white shartoot mulberry as well as the Jaboticaba and Grumichama fruit. The regular mulberries were stunning this spring, they seemed to enjoy the period without the excessive rain  of the past 3 years.

I am very proud of the gardens this year. Everything is well established and looking FABULOUS.

Please come and enjoy this space with Travis and myself, Amanda.


Please enjoy perusing the website…. I’m very feed-back friendly so let me know!