the perfect place for any special event

Eternity Springs Art Farm offers an inspiring and natural environment for groups with accommodation and workshop/retreat space for up to 20+, plenty of campsites, and party space for up to 200.  The combination of venues allows for a variety of activities. Whatever you would like to do we can provide facilities, accommodation, and some meals if required.

‘Inner space’  is a 60 sq mt internal pentagonal space for meditation, teaching, music and showing movies. The perfect place to move mind out of square.

‘Outer Space’ (90sq mts) for creative activities in large open-sided studio…… with cob pizza oven and huge table to make, fire and eat for gatherings. Space for creativity

‘Heaven’ (70 sq mts) massive – 3/4 covered – elevated deck with beautiful views: suitable for yoga, dance, celebrations and any gathering. Or just a quiet space to hang out in a hammock.

This space can accommodate up to 26 people in beds, suiting each person’s needs.  Take the house for catering, with those extra beds; add a few tents for the children: the  whole place is yours!

We have hosted a number of stunning weddings, parties and celebrations of all kinds.  The pictures in the gallery tell the stories.

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an example of our programs – team building

For local team building, we offer a 1 day art program and/or permaculture experience for any group wishing to explore, collectively and individually, their creative selves. This program includes a special lunch with delicious taste treats made from fresh organic produce straight out of the garden.

The holistic nature of Eternity Springs provides an inspiring and enlivening environment for corporate and educational retreats.


Take twenty acres of degraded cow pasture, gift it with an artist-in-residence whose canvas is the environment in which she lives, leave them together for 14 years and what you get is a B&B with a difference: an art farm called Eternity Springs built on creative and permaculture principles, an idyllic illustration of the glory of regeneration.

Amanda Furze has not just created unique rooms and cabins to stay in for a few nights; or a venue for workshops and courses; or a functioning small farm that feeds her visitors; or even a working example of sustainable systems: she has crafted an experience to which people are constantly attracted.  “I love sharing this place with other people,” Amanda says.  “I like to think people who visit here are inspired to be creative and sustainable in their home environment.”

Visitors will have their spirits lifted by colour everywhere; the ambiance of each of the rooms and the tropical abundance of a verdant garden hiding many surprises.

It’s only after you take in this visual feast that you begin to notice the productive kitchen garden and orchards; chooks and ducks; the composting loo with a view; the array of solar devices; the worm farm; a pizza oven and rocket stove; the swales, ponds and dams; and the waste water recycling system.

Eventually you’ll wander out to the peripheries where you’ll discover a cool and shady waterfall and areas that are rapidly revegetating; a joint venture between humans and nature.  The climax is climbing the stairway to heaven where you can walk a labyrinth or just sit in heaven and admire the view.

Eternity Springs Art Farm is a unique and memorable venue, comprising 20 acres of former farmland which has been transformed by artist Amanda Furze into productive examples of permaculture design. Interesting structures nestle into tropical gardens and art works catch the eye at every turn. There is even a full sized Labyrinth meditation walk.

Amanda prefers to live among her art work, not sell it: her sculptures and found objects are as  at home in the garden beds as the multitude of colourful plants.  The comfortable accommodation buildings are equally unique and colourful, created with Amanda’s flair for incorporating whatever materials are to hand.

A short walk across the horse paddock will bring you to a magic forest walk leading to a secluded waterfall for a refreshing dip.

The extensive wet land system is home to 12 different species of frog and the summer evenings are awash with their melodious orchestra. Large green tree frogs  are welcome guests on the back verandah, their croak amplified in the gutters. Mornings are full of bird song, many species make the garden their home.

The established infrastructure – vegetable garden, chook yard, waste water treatment system, etc. – provide living examples of sustainable landscape design.




Let the pictures speak for themselves