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Autumn 2 ES

Oh how time flies……… Christmas and Easter been and gone!

Please look in the gallery because I have finally worked out how to resize and upload photos! There are a whole swag from the Love Ball 21/12/12….. so find yourself there…. at the end of the world. An absolutely ‘heavenly event’ touted as “party of the year” for all who got there! I am feeling that I must start to embrace Face Book and write a blog there…… instead of here. I am presuming there are going to be a lot more people ‘there’ instead of ‘here’.

Also photos in the gallery of Bunny Hoop Stars fabulous 3 day advanced hooping ¬†event here in Jan……. boy that was a HOT weekend but all survived…. no idea how!

All the very best to you for the coming winter….. when the growth slows down for a few months and I can get on with creative projects that are backing up. Come and visit see ‘what’s next’ at ES. There is always something!