A stay here is about being present in nature…..

Relax with the sounds of a myriad of birds and frogs, walk down to the secluded waterfall, practice yoga and meditation in ‘heaven’, eat fruits in season from the trees, find crystals in the volcanic rocks, book a therapeutic massage, walk our Labyrinth, play with our animals or bring your own, just hang in a verandah hammock and soak up the inspiring, friendly atmosphere.

At Eternity Springs Art Farm we encourage you to engage with the spirit, creative energy, and beauty of the environment.

Twelve frog species and a myriad of birds and insects have been identified in this special place.

A pair of wedge-tailed Eagles glide on the currents above.

Develop  your  senses….watch…. listen…. learn.

I really believe I can do nothing more significant or beneficial than contribute to a more sustainable world. My emphasis is on growing food and regenerating my environment: activities which connect me with nature and the cycles of the moon, the seasons, and life and death, in the process of evolution. (Towards this end all waste disposal systems at Eternity Springs are designed to reduce our caron footprint; by Reducing, Reusing, Recycling as much waste produced on site as possible).   

My agenda is to create, maintain and hold this special place to share with you. I am  here  to facilitate whatever YOU want to have happen for the duration of your stay.

Eternity Springs Art Farm is based on the principle of sharing… enjoy the ambience and abundance .

Magic awaits you

There is limited mobile phone coverage… so leave the world behind for a few hours…. take a deep breath.  

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